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STEM Center, NJ

is a STEM-accredited program that combines Learning and Discovery Center.
Learning Center offers curriculum of Technology and Engineering classes for kids from 0 to 14yrs.
Discovery Center is STEAM playspace with cutting-edge equipment and activities for kids from 3 to 10.

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History of Math in Riddles Free Workshop

We are excited to host you at a free in-person math workshop for children in grades 1-3 and their parents.
Together, we will explore the fascinating world of math and have fun solving interesting problems along the way. Through puzzles, games, and hands-on activities, we'll explore the great math discoveries throughout history in a fun and interactive way!


Kids' Night out - Parents' Night off | 4+ yrs

Kids will play with their friends, take part in a STEAM or Robotics workshop, and enjoy pizza dinner!

You will pick up your happy, tired, and fed kid.


Baby Explorer FREE trial class

Designed for babies and grown-ups, each class features
- bouncing and rocking songs,
- wiggle and peek-a-boo games,
- fine motor and gross motor activities,
- sensory play, and much more.


Technology Bootcamp

A Saturday camp made up of everyone's favorite Technology Classes!
Whether you have just an hour available or the whole day, drop in, have fun and learn!
Throughout the day we offer Robotics, 3D Printing, Youtube creator, Game Design, and Minecraft coding.


Science Workshop with Ms Lisa

Join Ms Lisa - our science educator, and curriculum developer with 20 years of classroom experience for an exploration of

Physics, science experiments and show and tell.
Prepare to be wowed!

Held every Monday and Friday at 4 pm.


Workshop with Ms Haley (every Wednesday)

Join Ms Haley for Bilingual (Korean-English) Story time on Wednesday at 11 am or Arts and Crafts on Tuesdays at 11 am.

30-minute workshops. The Discovery Center Admission is included in the price of the workshop - come to play before or after the workshop. Ages 0-12.


Coding with Scratch Jr Workshop

Join us for an exploration of coding with Scratch Jr on Saturdays at 1:00 pm.

Ages 0-12.
30-minute workshops.


Things to do at The Child


Our progressive and research-based curriculum combines STEAM and Montessori-based learning approaches.
We have a team of highly qualified, experienced instructors and early age educators who are passionate about helping children reach their utmost potential.

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Play and Discover

The Discovery Center is an educational and open play space that offers a novel approach to your child’s playtime. True to Reggio Emilia approach, we see children as active constructors of knowledge, and our role is to empower and support children as they explore and investigate.

We’ve created it with our parents’ expectations in mind while ensuring all equipment is STEAM-centric. The Discovery Center is creatively crafted to make learning easy and joyful for kids, and hassle-free for parents.

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Celebrate your next big event at the Discovery Center! Whether you’re an art lover, math and science enthusiast, or technology whiz, our amazing space and talented crew are eager to make your next party a truly memorable experience.


The Renaissance Child camps are a fun and safe space for kids to discover STEAM. They’ll embark on science explorations, try their little hands at technology, and advance their skills in both math and art.

Our engaging programs help your kids develop relevant and indemand skills that will prepare them as innovators in an ever-evolving world. Join us for the Summer, or Days- Off School Camps, and explore the Ultimate STEAM experience - Robotics Bootcamp!



Jessica K.

“Amazing school!”

“Very professional and engaging staff. All of my kids started her from 9 months of age. I don’t know who loved it more them or me. It is truly stimulating in every way. Thank you for helping our kids grow into cultured little people!

Ilia P.

“anticipating the classes and competitions!”

“Absolutely amazing group of teachers and instructors organizing a wide range of children activities from the early age and up. My children were involved in multiple classes, activities, and competitions.

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