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Montessori Approach | STEAM | Robotics | Digital Mastery

Montessori Learning

Child-centered educational and art classes promote self-expression and prepare children for academic success. These classes support cognitive and sensory development and encourage a love of learning. Ages 1 and up.

           I looked for a long time to find a little school for my 2 year old daughter where she can learn, grow, feel free yet feel love and security. This place has that special something that we want for our children. From the teachers to the curriculum to the ecological toys, attention to detail, creativity and genuine care. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Jill Ostergren

LEGO® Engineering and  Robotics

Build, code, and learn with LEGO. Children will explore the exciting world of engineering, robotics, and coding in a hands-on, exploratory manner and prepare for First LEGO League competitions. Your child will develop critical thinking and problem solving.  Ages 3 and up


Uncertain if your child would prefer Robotics or Digital Mastery Classes? Why not try them all? Book the Technology Wizard Trial Class Pack which includes Robotics, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and YouTube Influencer classes just for $35 $7. Save time and money!

After the class kids take home two 3D projects they make and a movie!

Technology Wizard

Digital Mastery

A variety of great courses to teach kids how to develop and implement digital literacy in the most fun and exciting way. Our goal is to teach kids to be both safe and empowered in an increasingly digital world.

Bilingual Education

Teaching young children a second language is beneficial in many ways. We offer a variety of art and academic classes including ESL programs to help kids become bilingual. Ages 1and up

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