AGES 3-5

Do you know if your child right or left-brain oriented or what type of learner he or she is?
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Child-centered in-studio and virtual educational programs and classes prepare children for academic success.

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 Pre-K Prep Program goals

  • Identify Your Child’s Strengths

  • Support comprehension development

  • Increase attention span

  • Establish strong critical thinking skills

  • Introduce math, sciences, and engineering concepts through hands-on experience

  • Boost creativity and imagination.

  • Nurture emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • Develop cross-cultural understanding and awareness

  • Instill a lifelong love of learning


Little Explorer

2hr drop off

The Little Explorer Level 2 class stimulates intellectual development. With fun activities and play, we focus on literacy, math and other essential skills.

Ages 2,5 - 4

LEGO Engineering

One of the main goals of this program is to teach kids how to think like scientists as they learn through experiments and build LEGO® models.

Ages 3 - 5

Around the World

This program focuses on the World Culture, History, Music, and Visual Art. Each class we virtually travel from country and learn about the World.

Ages 3 - 5

Clay Exploration

Our Clay Exploration class uses clay and other sensory materials to help children develop invaluable life, social and academic skills.



Build, code, and learn with LEGO WeDo! In this class, children will explore the exciting world of robotics and coding in a hands-on, exploratory manner. Your child will develop thinking skills and problem solving. Ages 5+


Virtual Pre-K:

Offers Lego Engineering, Math, Literacy. These academic classes will prepare your child for school in a very fun and engaging way.  Take them together or separately.

Ages 3.5 - 5 years old.