Ages 4-6 Years

Preschoolers embark in an adventure when they enroll in our Around the World class. It is a learning program that focuses on world culture, history, music and art.

Every month, we virtually travel to various countries and continents. Students explore the world through a combination of fun games, engaging activities and basic computer programming, including pretend play, music, stories and treasure hunts. At each stop, we discover the area's historic sites, architecture, artists, local customs, traditions, myths and history.

While kids discover the world, they also develop important skills. We equip kids to exercise their imagination, learn communication skills, develop cognitive skills, expand their vocabulary and foster talents. We also invite parents to initiate dialogue about the countries, characters and stories the children discover in class.

Our Around the World students learn in an exciting and fun environment. Every adventure broadens a child's horizons and strengthens their academic preparedness.

Four-weeks session is $100