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At Home STEAM Project: 004

There is an old saying, do as the Romans do and that's exactly what we will do with today's project. The Roman's built aqueducts, which were large and majestic structures to transport clean water to areas in which water was scarce. Using simple materials we can teach our children about engineering, design and history all at once.

004: Roman Aqueducts

Challenge your child to build a working aqueduct out of common materials and teach them about history along the way!

What you need:

-Marbles or water

-Aluminum foil or paper tubes

-LEGO, blocks, furniture or any other structures for support


-Using the building materials and supports have your child construct a working aqueduct

-Inspire them to make it tall, long, winding and more

-Have them test it by sending the marbles or water down the canal

-Have them troubleshoot and fix any weakness in the aqueduct and try again until the marble or water makes it to the end

What they learn:

-Structural design

-Real world engineering

-A bit of ancient history

When the project is complete:

-Take a photo of the structure and share it with us! Tag us on social media and use hashtag #theRchild, we can't wait to see the results.

Interested in learning more about STEAM education?

You can find our current class offering here.


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