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At Home STEAM Project: 009

Different types of boats serve different purposes, from the smallest sailboat to the largest aircraft carrier, they each have their own strengths. Some are built for speed while others are built to carry heavy cargo. What we will learn in this project is what makes a boat able to carry the most weight and why. So grab some supplies, get your child building and enjoy!

009: Tin Foil Boat

For today's project, have your child build, fill and float a boat made out of aluminum foil!

What you need:

-A bin (to fill with water)

-Aluminum foil

-Wooden blocks or similar items for filling the boats


-Ask your child to construct boats using aluminum foil.

-Floating the boat in the tub of water have them start to fill the boat with the blocks until the boat starts to sink

-Have them experiment with different types of boats to find the type that holds the most weight.

What they learn:


-Mass per volume

-Hint: the boat type that holds the most weight is large and flat with the sides bent up, like a military aircraft carrier.

When the project is complete:

-Take a photo of the structure and share it with us! Tag us on social media and use hashtag #theRchild, we can't wait to see the results.

Interested in learning more about STEAM education?

You can find our current class offering here.


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