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At Home STEAM Project

At Home STEAM Project: 008

Apples and their various parts, what are they, what do they do and how can we make a simple floating boat out of one?

Science experiments using apples and household items? Sign us up! Ok, so why do apples get brown? Test what different substances do to your apple slices and ex...

R Child At Home STEAM Project

At Home Steam Project: 013

Ready, set, and launch! Did you know you can build a working catapult with just rubber bands and craft sticks? Fun fact, it's also an exciting way to learn abo...

R Child Steam Education Center Fort Lee NJ

At Home STEAM Project: 006

Why does it rain and what are clouds? Using this project you can discuss these questions, evaporation, condensation, precipitation and more with your kids. It ...

At Home STEAM Project

At Home STEAM Project: 005

Is your child a visual learner? Do they enjoy puzzles, picture finds and other similar activities? This number matching STEAM project aims to teach numbers in ...

At Home STEAM Project

At Home STEAM Project: 012

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so let's paint some turkeys and learn some science. In this blog we will teach you how you can make paint fizzy to leav...

R Child Steam Project Roman Aqueducts

At Home STEAM Project: 004

There is an old saying, do as the Romans do and that's exactly what we will do with today's project. The Roman's built aqueducts, which were large and...

R Child STEAM Project Water Drops On a Penny

At Home STEAM Project: 003

Did you know that water sticks to itself? With a few simple things, some of which you can find in your pocket, your child can be learning about surface tension...

R Child STEAM Project Straw Rocket

At Home STEAM Project: 010

What's more fun than a slingshot? How about making your own slingshot! In this STEAM project we will construct, test and fly our own rocket using only a few si...

R Child Tin Foil Boat STEAM Project

At Home STEAM Project: 009

Different types of boats serve different purposes, from the smallest sailboat to the largest aircraft carrier, they each have their own strengths. Some are bui...

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