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LEGO® Engineering, Robotics, Science,
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From day one in class, preschoolers start grasping basic thinking concepts such as quantity, similarity, cause-and-effect, and systemization. 3–5-year-olds begin to understand sign systems such as letters, numbers, and the connection between letters and speech. In other words, their learning interest deepens.

As your young one grows, he or she learns to interact with others and create rules. Team role-playing and problem-solving become part of their foundation. Independent education for preschoolers is very important, as they learn through movement, their sense of touch, and creating with their little hands. Your little one is also introduced to science, music, and art, so they can find something they fall in love with.


  1. Since the dawn of the 21st century, the world has needed scientists in the cutting-edge field of new technologies.
  2. Age-old subject-based programs don't prepare kids for the future. They don’t take holistic teaching for children into account, and they cause information fragmentation for young minds.
  3. So, why are STEAM-based curriculums for kids better? It crafts a logical link between subjects, it promotes a universal view of the world, and it shows little ones how to recognize patterns and association. STEAM is a multi-disciplinary approach that gets little ones to learn and retain information.
  4. What does it take to be a successful professional of the future? Learning the skills of inventors, scientists, managers, and psychologists. STEAM’s radical approach addresses all of this and then some.
  5. STEAM education can also have a significant impact on children’s self-esteem and values. Kids observe the linking of life’s aspects – which gives them a sense of security, logic, and societal awareness.

A REGISTRATION FEE ($150) is required for all students. Paid annually, billed automatically.


LEGO® Engineering program

ages 4-5

This program includes a diverse curriculum that involves STEAM learning principles. It has both beginner and intermediate level lessons. One of the main goals of this program is to teach kids how to think like scientists as they build LEGO® models.

In this class, we challenge kids with strategic questions to guide them through the process of applying science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills and test their ideas to answer different questions.

Furthermore, the building activities will reinforce the children’s creativity as we use LEGO® models in storytelling and acting.


Coding with Scratch Jr.

ages 4-5

Think your child is the next big tech genius? This program lets your budding coder learn and master the basics of programming logic.

With hands-on activities and introductory programming languages, our class awakens young imaginations through immersive games and stories.



Genesis Preschool & Academy


“Thank you, the Renaissance Child, for organizing such a fun and engaging class at our school today! Our kids loved CODING and we’re so excited



“I love that my daughter loves it and asked for more classes. She said it’s a lot of fun and not what she expected.

Olesya Shubov


“The teachers are talented, the programs are uniquely designed with well-thought-out material, and their attention to details is extreme. This all makes classes a fun learning experience for the kids.

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