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Montessori classes for toddlers

  • AGES 0-3

Discover a variety of STEAM-based curriculums for kids ages 3 months - 3 years


Building A Strong

Give your young child the best possible chance to develop their cognitive, social, sensory, and fine- and gross-motor skills – before their first day at school!

Because we believe in holistic teaching for children based on their age and current brain development phases, we provide the kids of the future with the exercises, teachings, and skills they need to actively develop and strengthen their brains while preparing them for life-long learning success.

What Your Child Needs Right Now

  1. To Learn with Their Whole Body

    Our learning platform for kids uses sensory and tactile learning exercises that will help your child develop their fine and gross motor skills in safe, child-centric environment that’s supported by comprehensive STEAM-based curriculums for kids.
  2. To Develop Their Imagination

    In this phase of your child's life, encouraging an active and free-thinking imagination is key. This is where holistic teaching for children can create a foundation for creative and strategic thinking that your child will build on for life.
  3. To Gain Balance

    We know that holistic teaching for kids requires a perfect blend of sensory, cognitive, and social skills. That's why our team of highly trained educators work so hard to create balanced, STEAM-based curriculums for kids just like yours.
  4. To Respect Their Emotional State

    We're committed to keeping your kids engaged, interested, and constantly cared for, no matter what type of exercise or activity we might be doing at that moment.

Explorers classes

Baby Explorer

ages 3-12 months

Designed for babies and grown-ups, each class features live music, song, games, fine motor and gross motor activities, and sensory play.


Little Explorer Level 1

ages 1.5 - 3 yrs

This Montessori-based program is perfectly designed to help toddlers between the ages of 1.5 and 3 make progress in leaps and bounds by stimulating early development.

Designed for toddlers, the Little Explorer Level 1 class supports and stimulates your child's early development. This is a Montessori-based program which incorporates occupational therapy techniques to encourage your child's development and growth in a fun and engaging learning environment. Our goal is to expand and develop your child's cognitive, social, emotional, communication, fine motor, gross motor, adaptive and sensory skills.


Little Explorer Level 2

ages 2.5 - 4 yrs

This program gives toddlers the support and instruction they need to build a solid foundation of pre-school skills before their first day.

Our Little Explorer Level 2 class helps children develop the skills they need for success in preschool. We use a variety of activities, methods, techniques, and Montessori materials as we stimulate and encourage your child's academic and personal development and growth. In this class we focus on math, early literacy, and science introducing shapes, letters, and sounds recognition, counting, and other essential skills that prepare our young students for preschool. Our unique curriculum invites children to explore, create and play as they develop reasoning skills, expand their memory and attention spans, practice language and understand how to communicate with peers and adults.


Parents' reviews

Take a look at some of our most recent reviews from parents just like you!

Elina Saperstein


“We absolutely loved it. I felt comfortable dropping her off and leaving her there for 2 hours. The curriculum for the program is great, keeps the children busy and learning. Elena and the other teachers are also fantastic with the kids. Would highly recommend!

Olesya Shubov


“The teachers are talented, the programs are uniquely designed with well thought out material, and their attention to details is extreme. This all makes classes a fun learning experience for the kids.

Lydia Kim


“I'm so amazed at how much my daughter absorbs at her Little Explorer 2hr class! Today they learned about Spring!She kept on singing "The little seed song" from the last class all day.

What Makes the Explorers
program So Special?

  • Each child gets unique, tailor-made attention and teachings.
  • We encourage and celebrate self-confidence and self-esteem
  • We employ some of the very best educators and teachers who are just as passionate about our learning platform for kids as we are.
  • We believe in holistic teaching for children that’s based on real-world results and in-depth educational research
  • We blend Montessori and STEAM educational principles that help your child develop a broad range of skills for the future.

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Meet Your Teachers

The Renaissance Child is proud to work with a dedicated team of teachers and instructors who are passionate, experienced, and ready to help your child gain the skills they need for life-long success. Each of our unique team members has a wealth of skills and unique gifts, but all of them share the same compassion, patience, and true love of learning!

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee has a degree in Music Therapy from Molloy University, which she uses to implement various techniques to support her students' needs. Her understanding and passion for Early Childhood learning allow her to broaden each student's experience and

Rebecca Lee has a degree in Music Therapy from Molloy University, which she uses to implement various techniques to support her students' needs. Her understanding and passion for Early Childhood learning allow her to broaden each student's experience and assist in their growth. Rebecca is a dynamic teacher who enjoys teaching because it allows her to make a difference in the lives of the children she works with. In both Little Explorer and LEGO Engineering, she gets to exercise the fundamental therapeutic aspects of her degree, while helping her students unlock their creative learning side.


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