3D Printing for kids THE R CHILD

3D Printing for kids

A REGISTRATION FEE ($150) is required for all students. Paid annually, billed automatically.


3D Printing

8 - 12 yrs

Sat, 3:00pm - 4:00pm

start Date: 09/16

length: 39 classes

$45 per class

Learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling through TinkerCad and move into the world of 3D printing, as we bring our creations to life.

With TinkerCad we will explore the basics of 3D software and introduce the potential to where this could go. From creating architecture in the future to developing things for the medical industry all the way to creating the next Triple-A game title, the world of 3D modeling is vast, and this will give the students a strong foundation to launch their creativity to the next level. By starting from the basics of navigating the 3D space to bringing their creations to life with 3D printing.

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