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Unlock Potential with Computer Electronics Classes for Young Innovators


Computer Electronics at THE R CHILD

Our computer electronics classes provide a dynamic learning experience where kids and teens delve into the fascinating world of electronics and coding. With platforms like Makey Makey, they transform everyday objects into interactive touchpads. Microbit and Arduino classes introduce them to hardware programming, enabling them to build and code their own devices and gadgets.

Why Electronics?

Teaching kids computer electronics is paramount in a technology-driven world, providing them with essential skills, fostering innovation, nurturing problem-solving abilities, and preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

Computer Electronics Classes

ages: 6-16yrs

THE R CHILD Curriculum offers 4 levels of Computer Electronics. Kids use different equipment on each level: Makey Makey, Circuits, Microbit, & Arduino.

Makey Makey empowers kids to turn everyday objects into touchpads, fostering creativity and innovation. By connecting objects to a computer, children learn about conductivity and circuits, igniting their curiosity about interactive technology.

Exploring circuits introduces kids to the fundamental building blocks of electronics. Through hands-on projects, they grasp concepts like voltage, current, and resistance, gaining a solid foundation in understanding and designing electrical systems.

Microbit offers a hands-on introduction to programming and hardware. Kids code this compact device to perform various functions, promoting computational thinking and enabling them to create simple games, sensors, and more.

Arduino teaches kids to build and program custom electronic devices, enhancing their skills in both software and hardware realms. With endless possibilities, from robots to smart devices, Arduino encourages kids to explore complex projects while learning programming and electronics in tandem.


Meet Your Teachers

The Renaissance Child is proud to work with a dedicated team of teachers and instructors who are passionate, experienced, and ready to help your child gain the skills they need for life-long success. Each of our unique team members has a wealth of skills and unique gifts, but all of them share the same compassion, patience, and true love of learning!


There’s no limit to learning at The Renaissance Child. We offer a range of NJ State Certified Summer Programs where your child can explore their intellectual curiosity in the safest, most capable hands. Each of our instructors is CPR certified and ready to implement a range of STEAM- based learning experiences and curricula.

Our camps include the Explorer’s Camp for ages 3 to 5, the Technology Bootcamp for ages 8 to 14, the Robotics and STEAM Camp for ages 6 to 10, and the Days Off School Camps for kids aged 6 to 10.

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