Electronic circuits classes, NJTHE R CHILD

Electronic circuits classes, NJ

Level 1: Makey Makey, Circuits

6 - 7 yrs

scheduled for September

Level 1 – Makey Makey/Circuits

In this introductory course, our young learners will embark on a magical journey into the captivating world of electronics and circuits using a fun and interactive device called “Makey Makey.”

Through exciting projects, your child will learn how to connect everyday objects like aluminum sheets, play dough, or even themselves to a computer and transform them into touchpads. They will be amazed as they turn fruits into musical instruments or pencils into game controllers!

Level 2: Microbits

8 - 9 yrs

scheduled for September

Level 2 – Microbits

In the MicroBit Marvels course, your child will venture into the exciting realm of microcontrollers and programming. Fear not if coding sounds intimidating – we start with block-based programming, making it easy and enjoyable!

They’ll be introduced to the “MicroBit,” a tiny programmable computer that fits in their pocket. Through engaging projects, they’ll create games, interactive displays, and practical gadgets, all while developing their problem-solving and computational thinking skills.

Level 3: Arduino

10 - 12 yrs

scheduled for September

Level 3 – Arduino

As your child crosses into the 10+ age group, they’ll embark on the ArduinoBlock Coding Quest. Here, they’ll discover the power of the Arduino platform and take their programming skills to the next level.

Rest assured, no prior coding experience is necessary – we’ll continue with block-based programming to ease them into the exciting world of electronics and automation. They’ll connect electronic components and use visual programming blocks to create even more complex and exciting projects, such as home automation, weather stations, and simple robotics.
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