Don’t you love these colors_ #ClayExplor



Our Clay Exploration class uses clay and other sensory materials to help children develop invaluable life, social and academic skills. Guided and free play opportunities maximize learning and engagement.

Ages 1.5-10 Years Old

The Clay Exploration class gives children access to clay and exploratory objects such as shells and pine cones. Prodding, patting, and shaping clay and other sensory materials help children develop hand-eye coordination and improve their fine motor skills. The creative play opportunity also stretches their imagination and enhances self-expression. We also use clay to build and reinforce literacy and numeracy concepts, teach problem-solving skills, and prompt social interaction and teamwork. Children may express their cultural identity as they replicate cultural symbols and patterns, too. Give your child these and other benefits as they learn and play during our Clay Exploration class.

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Due to higher demand in academic programs we do not offer this class but if there is enough interest we would love to bring it back.

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We started today a clay project inspired