A variety of great courses to teach kids how to develop and implement digital literacy in the most fun and exciting way. Our goal is to teach kids to be safe and empowered in an increasingly digital world.

Ages 6+


Uncertain if your child would prefer Robotics or Digital Mastery Classes? Why not try them all? Book the Technology Wizard Trial Class Pack which includes Robotics, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and YouTube Creator classes just for $35 $7. Save time and money!

After the class kids take home two 3D projects they make and a movie!

Technology Wizard
3D Printing transperent.png

3D Printing

From creating architecture to developing projects for the medical industry and all the way to creating the next Triple-A game title. Ages 8+ Learn More

YouTube Creator

Turn your child’s love for YouTube into a learning opportunity. Learn filmmaking, screenwriting, public speaking, and acting. Ages 8+ Learn More

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3D Pen Design

Kids learn to draw from two or more perspectives to make complex shapes and take their art to the next dimension. Ages 6+ Learn More