Children learn essential skills through artistic expression in the Little Artisans class. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, this class is a project-based program.

Little Artisan

Ages 1.5-4 Years


Ages 5+ Years

Great program for toddlers! My 2 y. o. loved art classes. Perfect way to introduce children to different art activities and be exposed to hands-on experiences in painting, crafting and more... The teachers are well educated, professional and fun with children. Highly recommended!

Zhannet Elbrus


Little Artisan

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Children learn essential skills through artistic expression in the Little Artisan (for toddlers) and Artisan (for older kids) classes. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, these classes are project-based.

Our visual arts program teaches children a variety of skills. Rooted in inquiry, exploration and creativity, we cultivate a child's natural curiosity and encourage them to explore the world through arts and hand-on projects.

We use the Reggio Emilia approach in our Little Artisan class. As we cultivate a child's strong potential for development, teachers also support the 100 languages of children. Working actively with their minds, hands and emotions, children use a variety of materials, expressive languages and points of view. Through play and participation in activity-based projects, kids discover and learn creativity, collaboration, problem solving, communication and critical thinking skills.

Artisan program for kids ages 5 and up focused on deeper understanding  of shapes, color mixing, composition, and painting techniques. In this course, children will become familiar with the best works of world history of painting. Each lesson will be a meeting with one great artist and his acquaintance with the one or few the brightest of his works.

While exploring self-guided arts topics, children in the Little Artisans and Artisan programs achieve a greater understanding of the world, themselves and others. This class equips kids with essential 21st century learning skills and prepares them for personal and academic success.