Ages 5-8 Years

Math for me class is based on Maria Montessori's method. Our young mathematicians will learn a variety of concepts. They compare and contrast by size, discover the capabilities of the constructive triangle, build the concept of numerals, understand sequences and correspond the written numeral with the numeral amount. We also introduce patterns, order, sequences, precision, reason and repetition, essential concepts for mathematical calculations.

For Math for Me (Levels 1), we focus on the decimal system, the operations, and explore concepts such as exponents and abstract geometry ideas. While facts are important, we also ensure students have fun. Teacher-directed, individual and group activities utilize games, motion and stories that engage your child and reinforce their math skills in fun ways. The Math for Me class introduces your child to essential math skills. In this fun and engaging class, we equip kids to become confident, empowered mathematicians who are prepared for preschool and school. Math for me (Level 2) will help your child to understand and operate two, three, and four-digit numbers, fractions, word problems, and start multiplication. Math for Me (Level 3), a competitive level of our math program will challenge your child's math skills. The curriculum is featuring higher critical thinking, problem-solving strategies, and competition preparation. 


Level 1

Level 2

Level 2

Thursdays 4.30pm.

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Thursdays 5.30pm.

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Level 3

Thursdays 6.30pm.

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Thursday Math Program

Thursdays 3pm-7pm

Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Math for me

Clay Exploration

Homework help

Open Play

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Math Evaluation

To determine the Montessori Math group that's right for your child’s needs and success, please schedule a 15-minute evaluation conducted by our Montessori Certified teacher. Additionally, you may schedule a private 30-minute evaluation with our math teacher for $30 and receive information about your child’s math knowledge and suggested recommendations for practice at home.  We understand that all kids learn differently, so we base our math groups on your child’s skills and not age. Through the Montessori Math method offered by The Renaissance Child, your child gains a better understanding of math concepts and advances beyond traditional math programs.

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Thursday Math Program

K - 3rd grades

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                          3pm - 7pm

  • One hour "Math for Me"

  • One hour of "Clay Exploration" art class

  • Help with homework

  • Open play