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Kids birthday party, NJ

Amazing STEM-tastic Birthday Party with THE R CHILD!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) knows no bounds when it comes to age. From curious toddlers to wise grandparents, the magic of STEM captivates all generations. Our mission is to create unforgettable STEM birthday experiences that celebrate the smallest and grandest milestones.


Toddler Birthday Party

Witness the pure joy on your toddler's face as they embark on an exciting journey into the world of early childhood STEM. We've designed a safe and enchanting play space tailored for the tiniest of adventurers.

From building blocks, train tracks, and giant LEGO bricks to a myriad of age-appropriate toys, and sensory activities, your little one will be immersed in a world of endless fun.

Our soft play mats provide a comfortable and secure environment for exploration, and our pet corner and delightful animal encounters are bound to captivate both toddlers and their parents alike.

Let those tiny hands unleash their creativity at our Tinker Tot Corner, where toddlers can explore their artistic side and craft keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come. Give your child the gift of a STEM-tacular toddler party they'll never forget

Preschool/Early School Age Birthday Party

Watch your child and their friends become junior scientists with captivating experiments like volcano eruptions, slime making or rocket launches! Experience NASA space project, create a model of Mars rover, glider or bristlebot at our Makerspace.

Whether your child is a LEGO Master Builder, an aspiring paleontologist, an engineer, or a future race car driver, we have activities to cater to their passions.

For our birthday girls, we offer a touch of enchantment with science and engineering projects woven into the magical world of unicorns and fairies. They'll unleash their creativity while decorating cookies with a burst of colors and imaginative flair.

With a multitude of choices, THE R CHILD is where learning meets fun, catering to every child's unique interests and igniting a love for exploration and creativity. Join us for an adventure of discovery and endless possibilities!

Big kids / PreTeen Birthday Party

Planning thrilling birthdays for older kids can be tricky, but at THE R CHILD, we've got it down to a science! Your big kid will be overjoyed with our tech-infused birthday party.

Enter the world of Robotics, where interactive activities let kids program robots and create mechanical marvels with robotics kits. It’s tech magic in the making!

For gaming enthusiasts, we offer challenges like building underwater castles or Egyptian pyramids in Roblox or Minecraft with friends.

But there's more! Kids can explore 3D modeling and laser cutting, bringing their imaginations to life.

Join us for a Glow in the Dark party, where kids discover black light properties while enjoying glowing art, music, and science.

At THE R CHILD, we make planning exciting birthdays for older kids a breeze, with tech and imagination creating unforgettable memories!

Mixed-Age Ultimate Party

This is the ultimate family experience where no child is left at home while others attend an event focused on a certain age. Our approach is centered around celebrating the age of the birthday child and offering optional workshops for other guests.

Our Mixed-Age Ultimate Party combines the best elements from Toddler, Preschool/Early School Age, and Big Kids parties, ensuring that there's something for everyone.

Choose between separate or combined party spaces that suit your event's needs.

Say goodbye to the headache of figuring out how to keep your big kid engaged while your toddler enjoys all the fun (or the other way around). We have the solution! THE R CHILD offers a diverse range of add-on workshops that cater to all ages and interests.

We've created an inclusive environment brimming with STEM activities and entertainment suitable for kids of all ages. At THE R CHILD, you can trust that everyone, from toddlers to big kids, will have an absolutely fantastic time, forging lasting memories together. Join us for a celebration that unites generations and brings smiles to every face!


As an add-on to the party package a variety of STEAM based workshop options are available featuring arts and crafts, engineering projects, makerspace activities and lego challenges. We will help you select an age appropriate activity that will be memorable to all your guests.



Want to wow your guests with a one of a kid experience?Our science shows are just the right add on to your party!

Select from Liquid Nitrogen or Dry Ice show and prepare for the party your guests will be talking about doe months!



Discovery center space offers fun educational activities and toys for children while parents enjoy coffee and snacks in the bright and airy lounge. we reserve a fully private room for our birthday guests to enjoy their pizza and cake.


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