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Play-dough Pasta Party - Toddler Time!

Little hands and loads of fun! With three simple supplies you can have your toddler working on their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity in minutes.

What you need:

-Play-dough or clay


-Penne pasta or a cut up straw


-Make a base out of the play-dough and place it firmly on a flat surface

-Stick a few strands of spaghetti sticking up from the play-dough base

-Have your child thread the pieces of penne or straw onto the strands of spaghetti

Added activities and benefits:

-Have your child count the pieces as they add them to practice learning numbers

-You can use different colored straw pieces (or dyed pasta) to make patterns

-You can also practice matching by using different colored pieces or various types of pasta

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