At Home STEAM Project: 010

What's more fun than a slingshot? How about making your own slingshot! In this STEAM project we will construct, test and fly our own rocket using only a few simple office supplies.

010: Fly Straw Fly!

For today's project, have your child build, test and fly a slingshot straw rocket!

What you need:

-Masking Tape


-Card Stock

-Pencil Erasers


-Metal Fasteners

-Rubber Bands

-Craft Sticks


The Rocket -Put the eraser onto one end of the straw and apply tape to hold it in place (if needed)

-Tape the metal fastener onto the straw just behind the eraser and bend the head back slightly

-Cut 2-4 triangular fins from the card stock

-Attach the fins to the back end of the straw with the masking tape

The Sling Shot

-Attach the rubber band to the end of a craft stick using two pieces of masking tape wrapped over one end

To Fly

-Hold the sling shot sturdy and upright in one hand

-Hook the metal fastener of the rocket with the rubber band from the sling shot

-Pull back the rocket

-Let the rocket flick forward

-Try modifying the weight at the tip of the rocket, the shape & size of the fins and the angle at which you release to create the farthest-flinging rocket!