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The Little Explorer Program stimulates intellectual development. With fun activities and play, we focus on literacy, math and other essential skills.

Russian Little Explorer 2hrs Drop-off class

Your kids enjoy a variety of activities during drop-off classes. While the kids play, socialize and practice independence, parents enjoy free time.

Ages 2-5 years old

Fridays 9.30-11.30am

Thursdays 9.15-11.15am

Registration is open for Winter-Spring Semester

*Please note that there are no make-ups for Drop-off classes. We allow only 5 kids per class and you have to commit to all of the classes you are signing up for. The price is $40 per class.


Ages 3-5 Years

Our Little Explorer class helps children develop the skills they need for success in preschool. We use a variety of activities, toys, methods and techniques as we stimulate and encourage your child's academic and personal development and growth.

In this enrichment class, we equip kids to develop cognitive, sensory, adaptive, fine motor, gross motor, collaborative, problem solving, creative and social skills. Our unique curriculum invites children to explore, create and play as they develop reasoning skills, expand their memory and attention spans, improve hand/eye coordination, practice language and understand how to communicate with peers and adults. They also learn counting, shapes, letters, literacy and other essential skills that prepare them for preschool.

Every class is packed with teacher-led and student-initiated activities that prompt a child's intellectual and physical development. The Little Explorer class challenges and stimulates children as they prepare for academic success.

Happy kids and happy parents

I highly recommend The Renaissance Child's classes. The teachers are talented, the programs are uniquely designed with well thought out material, and their attention to details is extreme. This all makes classes a fun learning experience for the kids. We took their Little Explorer classes before and this year signed up for the Kid’s Music Program.

Olga Shubov

Renaissance Child is a wonderful educational program for kids. It develops the cultural sensitivity that is lacking in a standard school programs for little children. In addition the sensory activities are extremely engaging and help with fine and gross motor skills in toddlers and little children. I wholeheartedly recommend these classes for any parent that wants to invest in their children's cultural, aesthetical and educational development.

Avivit Fisher