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Try kids' most favorite technology courses just for $7
3D pen design
3D printing
YouTube Creator
Looking  for technology and STEAM classes for your child?

Uncertain which class will benefit your child the most?
Try them all!


 Kids will build and code their first robot with WeDo 2.0 Robotics Set. (will be provided)

3D Pen Design

Using 3D pens kids will draw and create their original designs.

3d Modeling

With TinkerCad software kids will model and then print a simple 3D project.

YouTube Creator

While doing all of the above document the process and create a video to be shared with friends and family.

We've created this exciting one-hour and a half class to help your kids to find what they love. The Technology Wizard Trial Class Pack is a mix of Technology and STEAM classes that we offer.

What exactly your child will do during this class? Watch the video below!

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