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Technology Wizard Trial Class

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Kids will build and code their first robot with WeDo 2.0 Robotics Set. (will be provided)

3d Printing

With TinkerCad software kids will model and then print a simple 3D project.


Choose coding with Scratch or Microsoft's Hour of Code via Minecraft Education Edition.

"This is the best day of my life! I love this class!"
We've created this exciting one-hour and half class to help your kids to find what they love. The Technology Wizard Trial Class is a mix of technology and STEAM classes that we offer.
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and our robotics teams

Lasha Areshidze, New Jersey Institute of Technology graduate and an adept Digital Designer. Though he specializes in 3D modeling and graphic design, he is experienced in many other areas of computer graphics and design such as 3D Printing, Video Editing, Game Design and more. He is passionate not only about his creative work, but also about passing on his knowledge and fostering the creativity of others.
"Robotics class is so much fun! You learn a lot how to build with LEGOs and make your robots move!"
Every year our robotics teams participate in The FIRST®  LEGO®  League, an international robotics competition for elementary and middle school students. Here kids apply their knowledge to build open-ended projects, solve real-world problems, and complete challenges.