in Cliffside Park

Why The Renaissance Child

The Renaissance Child is a comprehensive STEAM-based enrichment program for early childhood development. Geared to children from 1.5 to 14 years of age, our classes combine science, language, music, math, arts, culture, and technology. We offer kids programs to meet all your child’s needs, from math to music and art to programming, while exposing them to our diverse world and prompting them to become well-rounded individuals. Our renaissance approach uses stimulating, joyful, and fun activity-based lessons and learning opportunities that engage kids in creative and unique ways. As our students develop and improve their cognitive skills, they gain self-confidence, learn self-expression and discover their passions. They also cultivate curiosity, develop an eagerness to learn and receive a strong foundation for lifelong success. Our new eco-friendly studio, featured in the design blog, also provides a calm and peaceful space where kids can interact with toys made from natural or recycled materials and become inspired to appreciate and protect our planet. Because learning happens through interactions with the community, we also frequently organize events for the entire family, participate in local events and serve our community.

Our curriculum

We believe that learning should be joyful, stimulating and fun for children. That’s why every class at The Renaissance Child is built on a foundation of joy. Our unique courses based on a multidisciplinary aproach incorporate science, music, arts, dance, early literacy, languages, world history and culture. Our goal is to engage kids in a joyful environment that promotes happy learning.

"Mastery" by Robert Greene

"... separation that began some five hundred years ago when art and science split apart. Scientists and technicians live in their own world, focusing mostly on the “how” of things. Others live in the world of appearances, using these things but not really understanding how they function. Just before this split occurred, it was the ideal of the Renaissance to combine these two forms of knowledge. This is why the work of Leonardo da Vinci continues to fascinate us, and why the Renaissance remains an ideal. This more rounded knowledge is in fact the way of the future, especially now that so much more information is available to all of us."

Elena Melamed

The founder, creative director and teacher at

The Renaissance Child

Mrs. Elena Melamed is passionate about education. A classically trained musician, she earned a master’s degree from Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. In addition to her own educational and musical achievements, Elena taught music for over 12 years. Her students frequently participate in concerts, festivals and competitions, and they obtain international certifications for their accomplishments.

After she became a mother in 2013, Elena’s love of teaching grew beyond music and transformed into The Renaissance Child. The Renaissance Child teaches, engages, stimulates and nurtures children through age 8. Every unique class exposes children to music, art, history and cultures through play, activities and fun. In this stimulating and engaging environment, children prepare for academic success, expand their worldview, improve their self-esteem and nurture their lifelong love of learning.

Elena is particularly passionate about helping kids become excited about learning as they uncover their true potential. She believes in giving children the opportunity to develop in an environment that helps them become well-rounded individuals. She encourages kids to explore, experiment and ask questions. She also partners with parents to help children address their developmental or emotional needs and achieve their true potential now and into the future.